Concrete Worktops, Concrete Countertops

Concrete Worktops are a mix of complex cements and pure natural silica sands, which is combined to create perfect concrete work surfaces that are best for today’s modern kitchens. Being a strong, thick sheet material with a frivolous core, it produces lightness and strength, which is not found in such strong material. Concrete worktops are not only beautiful to eyes but also are fabulous to touch and are extremely durable.

Benefits of Concrete Worktops

  • The surfaces are waterproof, alcohol resistant, and anti-microbial as well as resistant to heat or wearing.
  • Concrete worktops can be easily repaired if chipped, and stripped back to remove stained part.
  • One can easily cut, mould, drill or give any shape to the surface.
  • On-site fabrication is also possible.
  • Just a mild soap and water is required for cleaning (ammonia and bleach should be avoided).
  • Concrete worktops are ideal for under-mounted sinks, integral sinks and drainer grooves.

Owing to all the aforesaid advantages, concrete worktops are quite popular, as all its attributes are essential for a proper kitchen. Concrete worktops can be edged on more than one side and the surface ranges in thickness from 30mm to 100mm with lengths of over 2.5 meters. Thus, these are highly customizable to suit the requirements of your kitchen.

Range of Concrete Worktops

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