Glass Worktops, Glass Countertops

Glass Worktops are good choice for those who wish to give a unique and outstanding look to their kitchen. They are available in a fantastic range of colours and therefore can be easily matched with the décor and theme of your entire kitchen area.

Glass Worktops are available in glass up to 19mm thickness for enhanced durability. They are individually designed and painted on the underneath bringing out a mesmerizing look.

Glass also turns out to be the perfect option for bespoke splash backs. Glass Worktops are considered as pieces of art, allowing you to express your own individual style and imagination.

Benefits of Glass Worktops

  • Glass worktops are available in a unique polished finish making it as smooth as a marble, quartz or granite, thereby, providing an extremely dazzling look.
  • The antimicrobial agent SteriTouch that is evenly distributed throughout the mix, including the surface, makes the worktops completely hygienic and protected as the active ingredients will never wash or wear out. This antimicrobial agent also prevents the growth of bacteria on the worktop.
  • Glass worktops can be used in any colour imaginable by simply varying the ratio of clear-to-coloured glass.

Range of Glass Worktops

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