Granite Worktops, Granite Countertops

Made by nature fashioned by man, granite worktops provide a touch of class to any kitchen. With hundreds of colours to choose from they will complete the look of any kitchen, whether it be at the cutting edge of contemporary design or nestled into the heart the most rustic of farmhouse living.

Incomparable in beauty, granite is never one that should be overlooked when designing a new space for your home.

Benefits of Granite

  • Granite is affordable.
  • Each and every granite stone is unique.
  • Granite counter tops are beautiful
  • Many different patterns... veins, specks, and swirls
  • Granite is coloured all the way through.
  • This natural stone is readily available.
  • It's easy to clean
  • Granite can usually be repaired if it's damaged
  • It's not a trend
  • It's strong
  • It's a hard stone to polish and finish. It's even harder to wear off the polished finish
  • Granite is durable, it will last your lifetime and more
  • Hot items such as griddles, fryers, and toaster ovens won't burn or leave char marks on your granite countertop

Range of Granite

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